About MFE

Since 2012

We care about elephants

and their protection across the globe.

Who We Are

We are a group of concerned citizens working to save elephants worldwide from poaching, kidnapping and forced slavery, abuse and neglect, habitat loss and overall cruelty. We welcome volunteers to help us with our cause!

We need You

We welcome volunteers to help us with our cause! Join us in bringing about change before it is too late.

Our Mission

Massachusetts for Elephants is dedicated to educating people about the devastating perils facing elephant populations in Africa and Asia. We advocate for elephant species protection, habitat conservation, and the sustainable co-existence of humans and non-humans worldwide. This includes helping to improve the wellbeing and future of elephants forced to entertain or perform for humans—and ending those practices wherever possible.

Now more than ever, it’s time to build better protections for elephants and their habitats and to improve policies to prohibit the trade of ivory. Massachusetts for Elephants advocates for state and local legislation, coordinates fundraising efforts, and sponsors events such as the annual 5K Boston Run for the Elephants. We work with like-minded nonprofit organizations trying to save elephants from abuse and habitat loss.

We strive to inspire individuals to understand and take action to save elephants. We focus education efforts on three key areas: 1) the vital importance of elephants to the ecosystems where they live, 2) information about the threats to elephant survival and wellbeing, and 3) actions people can take to mitigate these threats.


MFE Board of Directors

Glenna Waterman & Sally Waterman Owen

Glenna Waterman and Sally Waterman Owen are sisters who grew up in Iowa, atten… Read More

Colleen Cullen

Colleen Cullen was a founding member of MFE. She has been involved in animal welfare and protection from a young age… Read More

Eric McNulty

Eric McNulty is a Harvard-affiliated author, speaker, and educator who specializes in purpose-driven and crisis leadership… Read More


Ann Cox is an elementary school Reading Specialist. She advocates for all animals, with a special love for elephants. As a volun… Read More

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