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BREAKING NEWS: Rama is out of spiked chains!

Oct 24, 2023


Rama is safe at our Elephant Hospital Campus and is receiving urgent medical treatment. Most importantly, his spiked chains have been removed! Sadly, he is injured, and very scared and agitated, so we are being careful not to further alarm him as he adjusts to his new surroundings. Since Rama is so frightened, our staff is taking extra precautions for now, and he still has a drag rope attached to his leg. We would love nothing more than to pamper Rama and shower him with love, but we need to respect his space and give him time. 

Rama is a 27-year-old bull elephant who was begging on the streets. He has deep wounds, especially on his ankles and legs. We will share more when we get to know Rama and can better assess his condition over the coming days.

Now the hard work begins as we treat his many physical and emotional injuries. Will you join us in showing Rama that all humans aren’t cruel? Will you please help with costly initial treatment and care? 

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