Nonhuman Rights Project

Nonhuman Rights Project

The Nonhuman Rights Project needs your help in their unrelenting fight to free Minnie, the sole surviving elephant imprisoned at the Commerford Zoo. Weeks ago a letter was sent to Governor Ned Lamont organized by the NhRP and signed by ten other animal advocacy organizations. There was also an action alert and tweeting to the Governor to publicly call for the Commerford Zoo to promptly release Minnie to a sanctuary. Not a day goes by that the NhRP is not working to secure Minnie’s freedom, and they thank you for continuing to fight alongside them.

They are asking for extra donations this month as one additional way to help free Minnie. Your donation today means they can persist with their grassroots advocacy campaign and continue to amplify pressure on Governor Lamont, other elected officials in Connecticut, the USDA, and the relevant governing bodies so they’ll have no choice but to publicly call for the Commerford Zoo to release Minnie to a sanctuary or take the necessary actions to thoroughly investigate the mounting welfare concerns for her.

Whether you can donate or not, please join Courtney Fern, the NhRP’s Director of Government Relations and Campaigns, and Gigi Glendinning, photographer, artist, and advocate, on Elephant Appreciation Day, September 22nd, for a Zoom seminar about documenting the suffering of Minnie and other captive elephants.

Please click here for further details and registration.

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