Take Action


MFE provides information and links to efforts working on the ground in Africa and Asia, as well as locally in Massachusetts. These resources help you take effective action by contacting government officials and providing financial support to organizations aligned with saving elephants. MFE is also active with such events as the Boston Run for Elephants. We seek to connect elephant lovers with each other to amplify and inspire our collective impact in saving elephants.


What You Can Do Now:

  • Never buy or sell ivory, no matter its age. All ivory is “blood Ivory.” Every piece—no matter how old or small—represents unspeakable brutality, terror, and grief.
  • Never attend circuses or shows that use elephants. Elephants who perform have been force-trained as babies using fear and pain.
  • Never patronize zoos where elephants do not have adequate space to roam and the company of other elephants in a temperate climate.
  • Never ride an elephant. Their spines are spiky and fragile and the training to break them is brutal.
  • Educate your relatives, friends, co-workers, and local businesses about elephants in peril
  • Encourage them to take a stand against circuses, traveling shows, fairs, and exotic animal shows
  • Support legislation that bans the use of exotic animals (or any animal) in traveling shows, etc.
  • Support legislation to ban the use of the bull hook and chains on elephants
  • Support local bans—start one if there is not one already in place!
  • Adopt/foster an elephant from refuges/sanctuaries
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