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Thank you to those who joined us for the first installment in our three-part #FreeTheFresnoElephants Interview Series!

Jul 27, 2022

Thank you to those who joined us for the first installment in our three-part #FreeTheFresnoElephants Interview Series! We hope this interview shed light on the unjustifiable suffering that Nolwazi, Amahle, Vusmusi, and other captive elephants endure. As leading elephant expert Dr. Keith Lindsay said in the Zoom, “Zoos do nothing for the conservation of elephants … They don’t need to keep elephants in order to do that work. So many groups do conservation work and they don’t keep captive animals … There’s no research that can be done in zoos that can’t be done better in the wild and there’s nothing that zoos do that benefit wild elephants.”


For those who could not join us today, you can watch this interview, along with our other seminars and interviews, on our YouTube channel. To learn more about Nolwazi, Amahle, and Vusmusi and ways to support our case and campaign to #FreeTheFresnoElephants, please head to

In addition, in case you missed it, the Los Angeles Times published an Op-Ed by columnist Nicholas Goldberg on Monday that reflects on our legal fight to #FreeHappy in New York and our new legal fight in California. You can help ensure future coverage of our California case in the LA Times by sending a Letter to the Editor, thanking the paper for publishing this column.


Also on Monday, the San Francisco Superior Court decided to transfer our case to the Fresno Superior Court. You can read more about the latest case update here


Thank you for your belief in our mission and for your support, whether moral, financial or otherwise, that has gotten us to this point of bringing our unique fight for nonhuman animal rights to the West Coast. With two powerful dissents issued in Happy’s case, we are more prepared than ever to secure the Fresno elephants’ fundamental right to liberty, with much more to come. Please continue to help us achieve our groundbreaking mission by making a donation to the NhRP today. All donations go towards restoring and protecting the liberty of the Fresno elephants and other autonomous nonhuman beings. 


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