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The Elephant Sanctuary welcomes Donna, African elephant, age 43, from Oakland Zoo

Sep 19, 2023

The Sanctuary is excited to announce the safe arrival of African elephant Donna on September 13.

Donna made the journey from Oakland, California, to Hohenwald, Tennessee alongside dedicated zoo staff and veterinarian. Upon her arrival at The Sanctuary, Donna approached her new barn with a deliberate pace, meticulously examining every detail with her trunk. With lots of trumpets and rumbles, Donna dusted herself with sand and engaged with the enrichment provided by The Sanctuary Staff. She snacked on fresh watermelon and hydrating banana leaves before receiving a hose bath. It wasn’t long before Donna ventured outside, spending hours exploring the rolling hills and dense woods of Tennessee, which make up her expanded habitat, and meeting her new herd mate, African elephant Flora, through a protected fence line.

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