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Two years: That’s how long Jambo had her freedom

Jul 19, 2023

Two years–that’s how long our elephant client Jambo had with her mother and herd.

Two years of staying physically close to her mother for warmth and protection. Two years of taking milk from her. Two years of learning from her and from other family members–how to use her trunk, how to navigate her surroundings, how to explore and play.

*That joyful, precious time ended on a terrible day in 1985 when Jambo likely saw her adult family members killed in front of her and she was violently taken from her home. *

At two years old, Jambo was still just a baby. She would have looked forward to a lifetime staying close to her mother, as all female elephants do. The disruption of their unique bond would have been deeply traumatic for both mother and daughter.

Terrified and confused, baby Jambo was loaded onto a plane destined for an exotic animal transport “hub” in the US, and sold to a circus that would become well known for abusing elephants.

Instead of spending her youth roaming freely, she spent it entertaining humans. Instead of learning what it meant to be an elephant, she learned the pain of the bullhook and what it meant to live under the control of humans.

Jambo has experienced unimaginable trauma and violence in her lifetime—but, *with your support, we have the chance to help her heal.

Now, Jambo spends her days in an exhibit in the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado. The zoo didn’t take her from her family (though US zoos continue to import elephants, and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo purchased two of our elephant clients directly from an exotic animal dealer). *But the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is perpetuating her suffering by keeping her in an environment that world-renowned elephant experts agree can’t meet her or any elephant’s needs. *

Right now, we’re fighting for Jambo’s right to freedom and release to a sanctuary in a groundbreaking Colorado court case—*and we need your help*.
*Will you support the fight with a donation?

Jambo has had only two years of freedom. But, with your help, there may be many more before her. As always, thank you for the compassion and support you’ve shown for all of our nonhuman animal clients!

Jambo is held captive with four other elephants at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and we’re fighting for all of their rights to freedom. *Click here to learn about Kimba, LouLou, Lucky, and Missy, and take action to help #FreeTheCMZElephants.

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